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Kingmax Cellulose Co.,Ltd(Kaimaoxing Cellulose Co.,Ltd) specializing in the production of cellulose products. The factory covers an area of more than 50000 square meters, with 20 quality inspectors, 10 R & D personnel, 12 production lines and an annual output value of 30000 tons. It is supplied to major demanders all over the world. Welcome to come and negotiate with us.

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making the mortar more workable, more sticky, reducing water demand, improving plasticity and influencing the air entrainment performance of mortar.and strengthen the properties of mortar


Besides, it can reduce water hardening and improve the stability of soap or synthetic surfactant system, thus increasing the stiffness, elasticity and hydration of laundry detergent


It has excellent halogen resistance, heat and alkali resistance, and high chemical stabilityimprove the adhesion, tensile strength, flexibility and wear resistance of the coating film
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With the goal of “sustainability”, we protect the environment, improve the health and safety of our workplace, improve working conditions, and safeguard the legitimate interests of employees. Use ideas, goals and systems to guide and standardize the daily behavior of employees, so that employees’ awareness is constantly improved.

Environmental Protection

With the vision of "committed to making human beings healthier and the environment more friendly", Kingmax insists on promoting sustainable development, upholds the concept of sustainable development, through the improvement of organizational structure, the establishment of internal environmental protection systems and continuous investment in environmental protection equipment and facilities,Make the company's various pollutant emissions meet the relevant national emission standards.

Safety Production

Through the establishment and continuous improvement of occupational health and safety management system, to achieve occupational health and safety management goals. Firmly adhere to the concept of compliance development, establish a regular compliance assessment mechanism, and systematically identify, evaluate and track safety and health regulations; continuously improve the depth and breadth of safety and health training, follow up the completion and effect of training, and provide support for the sustainable development of the company .

Social Welfare

Kingmax has always regarded "creating value, helping customers, caring for employees' growth and promoting social prosperity" as its corporate mission, shouldering the historical mission of a private enterprise, actively participating in social public welfare and charity, and actively striving to be a builder of common prosperity.

Kingmax Cellulose Co., Ltd
(Kaimaoxing Cellulose Co., Ltd)
It is supplied to major demanders all over the world

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