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The company has established an independent technology R & D center, has rich high-tech talents, and has established long-term technical cooperation relations with colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, which has laid a solid foundation for the innovation and development of the company. The company has deeply practiced the concept of green development and built an advanced environmental protection treatment system for MVR sewage treatment, which has realized the discharge of wastewater up to the standard, truly played the role of cleaning, environmental protection and energy saving, and escorted the blue sky, clear water and green space.

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After nearly 20 years of professional development, Kingmax cellulose has producted a variety of building grade, daily chemical grade and coating grade non-ionic cellulose ethers. The products are widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, chemical industry, building materials, coatings, agriculture and other fields. Provide more choices and better services for customers at home and abroad.  

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We have our own automatic constant temperature control raw material storage room and cellulose ether storage warehouse that meets the storage standards to guarantee the quality of our products from raw materials to finished product in an all-round way.  

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    A serious and responsible team is the greatest wealth of our factory. Such a group of lovely people have made great contributions to our production and market development.

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